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Woman’s Self Defense Seminar 10/24/2015

Who: Any Woman

What:Master Sam Wolf Will be going over the basics of Self defense, Along with  a few key points and self defense strategies to keep your self safe.

When : 10/24/2015 12pm- 2pm

Why: Everyone should always feel safe. In our society that is not always the case. We hope to better equip woman to defend themselves if necessary.

Where : Wolfpak Martial Arts 44 south Main Street

How Much: $20 per person.



Oct. 2015 Test

Great Job all Testers.

Congratulations go to

Mr. Max on your Blue Belt in Arnis

Mrs. Christine on your Green Belt in Arnis

Bradley on your Orange/Green belt in Arnis

Ryan on your Orange belt in Arnis

Hawke on your Orange belt in Taekwondo

Taylor on your Yellow Belt in Arnis